Stay ahead of the change by pre-skilling the people, who will make the change. 


Pre-skilling means providing young people the skills they need to make a difference.


With pre-skilling the right people, you will stay ahead of the fast changing world.


We have the people, you have the means. Together we can make the change.


The labor market is constantly changing. 

This change is now being stimulated by robotisation, digitization and automation.

This creates a new workforce, also known as ‘workforce 4.0.’

How does you company cope with the change? 

How can you adapt to the change? 

And even better, how can you stay ahead of the change? 

Pre-skilling is the answer. In order to stay ahead of the change, you will need to work with the people, who will make the change. 

In the past companies focussed on reskilling and upskilling the labor market, in order to adapt to the change. 

We would like to challenge you to look further than the current workforce, to look further than the standard solutions and to look further than the rules, frameworks of disciplines and conventions. 

We dare you to start looking to the future, the Youth. 

Young people between the ages of 6 and 23 are eager to put their development in effect for your organization. 

They are full of energy, they love to be meaningful to others and they are determined to make a difference. They want to grow. 

Would you like to grow with them?